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What makes Platinum Property Management different is that we understand we are only as good as our client’s and staff.  We are a locally owned and operated family run company that puts the personal relationships with our clients and customers above growth and profits.  Our team approach to everything we do was designed to make sure each individual we work with always has the opportunity to be a part of the decision process within our company. 

  • +10 years serving Metro-Atlanta’s property management market
  • Member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers
  • Fully Bonded and Insured to protect you and your investment
  • Our only business is property management
  • No maintenance surcharges, saving our portfolio of clients thousands of dollars
  • Ongoing investments in technology and infrastructure to insure effective management, communication and service for our landlords and tenants
  • Our team approach concept to managing properties affords us approximately 1 staff member for every 50 properties to make sure landlords and tenants experience exceptional communication and service
  • A focus on finding high quality tenants through our thorough screening process 
  • No hidden fees to offset low cost promises to get your business
  • Client retention and long-term relationships drive our business model

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Snellville's convenient location, approximately 18 miles east of Atlanta and 45 miles west of Athens at the intersection of U.S. Highway 78 and Georgia Highway 124, has allowed it to prosper and become one of Gwinnett County's fastest growing cities for the past thirty years. Snellville's roots extend much deeper than thirty years, however, to 19th century London.

The birth of Snellville can be traced to 1874 London, England when a secret voyage to the New World was a glimmer in the minds of two teenage friends, James Sawyer and Thomas Snell. Unfortunately, their plans were altered when Snell’s parents wouldn’t allow him to make the trip when they learned of the plan. Instead, Sawyer and his brother, Charles, took off on the adventure, leaving England for the United States on March 18, 1874. After a two-week voyage, the Sawyer brothers arrived in New York on April 1st, where they stayed for a few weeks. They left New York and eventually settled in Madison County, Georgia, where they worked on a farm for $10.00 a month. Thomas Snell was finally able to make the trip and met his friends in Georgia where they all traveled through Jefferson and Lawrenceville. Charles Sawyer left his brother and friend in Georgia and in time settled in Alabama, where he entered the turpentine business. While Snell worked on the farm of A.A. Dyer, James Sawyer traveled back to New York and then to London, to claim his inheritance shortly after his 21st birthday in 1878. James Sawyer eventually returned to the United States and after traveling through parts of Georgia, was reacquainted with his friend Thomas Snell after settling in a small farming community named New London, now called Snellville. Prior to that time, the area where Snellville now rests was an old growth chestnut-oak-hickory forest settled by the Cherokee Indians. Source From Wikipedia