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Tenant Screening Tips to Find a Good Tenant for Your Atlanta Area Rental Property

 Once your home is rent ready, and you’ve done your advertising, you will probably find yourself with someone who is interested in renting your home. How do you screen and make sure this applicant is qualified to take possession of your property?The application screening process is an ess...

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The Customer Service Level You Should Expect from a Professional Property Management Company in Alpharetta, GA

At Platinum Rental Properties, we got into the business of Alpharetta property management about 10 years ago. It started as a side business to our real estate work, and it’s grown into what we do full time. Today, we’re talking about customer service, specific to our industry and our comp...

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Why Atlanta Area Landlords choose Platinum Property Management

When you're looking for outstanding, service-oriented property management in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, consider us at Platinum Property Management. Our business is driven by the relationships we establish and maintain with our owners, investors, tenants, and partners. In short, we put ...

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What If My Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent? Alpharetta Property Management Advice

The most important issue for a homeowner with a rental property is past due rent. There are a few things you can do to help that situation. Keep Communication Open The primary thing you want to do with missing or late rent is make sure the communication lines are wide open. That goes from your le...

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The Right Way to Evict a Tenant in Georgia | Alpharetta Property Management Advice

If you are diligent and follow the procedures, you can typically get through the majority of the eviction process within 30 days, depending on things like the communication with the tenant, the county and your attention to detail. The most important thing to remember when evicting a tenant is to d...

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How to Handle Maintenance Issues for Your Alpharetta Rental Property

Maintenance tends to be the number one point of contention between a landlord and a management company. If there’s going to be an issue, it will usually happen during a requested repair issue. Make sure you understand and agree with how your management company handles and performs maintenanc...

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Why Work with Platinum Property Management in Alpharetta, GA to Manage Your Greatest Asset

Back in 2007, before the market crash, we noticed the Alpharetta property management industry had a lack of professional service. So, we started this company as a side venture, not knowing what was going to happen in 2008. We haven’t looked back since. Today, we’re talking about some o...

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Landlords can increase ROI with Preventative Maintenence on Thier Rental Home

Preventative property maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in major repairs down the road. Consider property inspections and preventative maintenance as your long term solution to ongoing rental property maintenance. There is additional income to loose if your home is vacant due to ma...

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Tenant Damages or Normal Wear and Tear?

What Is Considered Normal Wear and Tear Unfortunately, disputes often arise when a tenant defines a deduction as wear and tear while a landlord considered it damage. Many of these types of disputes are minimized and often avoided if there is a pictorial timeline during the tenancy. Platinum Proper...

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Winter Maintenance For Your Rental Home[UPDATE]

Winter Maintenance For Your Atlanta Rental Home There's no doubt that  winter weather is just around the corner. As an Atlanta landlord, you may think of fall and winter maintenance at your rental property as raking leaves and tending to flower beds. However, fall is the best time to prepare y...

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