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Platinum Property Management was co-founded by Philip Earley in the spring of 2007 in response to the belief that the high service levels associated with real estate sales were lacking in the rental world. "It was commonplace to see our investor clients continually let down time after time - enough was enough"

"Unlike many of our competitors, we began our company solely based on a need for superior service in the rental market, not as a knee jerk reaction due to the shifting economy. The timing was perfect and we have never looked back since. We are passionate about an industry most people shy away from and we are having fun with it."

The only way to offer exceptional service in such a fast paced high volume environment was to develop a business strategy specializing in residential management. Actively managing all aspects of rental properties to protect our client's investment property is our number one concern. We are members in good standing of NARPM - the National Association of Residential Property Managers. We are fully staffed with exceptionally talented people creating one of, if not the best property management companies in Atlanta. We invite you to our office to meet our team, ask questions and see for yourself how we are committed to be Atlanta's number one source for property management.

We recognize the issues faced by the current economy and we understand there is a very large segment of homeowners who unexpectedly found themselves becoming "accidental investors". We also have seen many investment groups taking advantage of these low market prices. Let us handle your portfolio or just your single property. We will take the fear out of the rental market for you. We appreciate you visiting our site and we hope you allow Platinum Property Management to be your business partner.

Mission Statement

We are a service business. We serve our owners, our tenants, but equally as important, ourselves and each other. We respect one another and our customers and work tirelessly to build a company that we can be proud of.

Through the good days and the bad, we remain positive in our belief that our hard work, commitment, and unwavering pursuit of doing our best will result in a better life for ourselves, our team, and our customers.

We hold each other to the highest standards because that is what we expect in ourselves. We celebrate our successes with the appreciation that when we work hard, good things happen. In the event one of us falls or stumbles, we will lend a hand in support knowing the collective good is at stake.

Negativity and poor attitudes have no place in our organization. Self-determination and positive thinking are the cornerstones of what makes us great.

You can find out a bit more about our team below.

If you’d like to know more about us , stop by and visit our office. You can also see what some of our existing clients have said about us.

Meet the Team

Pic of Todd Earley
Todd Earley

How I Play:

Family is #1 (including my extended Platinum version!) – come to my office to see giant custom fatheads of my three kiddos. A close tie for second are my beloved Bills, Sabres and CU Buffs (One BUFFALO!!!!).

My TV only needs one channel – ESPN – and I am not afraid to rock the playoff beard in the pre-season. Yes, I did say “rock”. Born and raised in the greatest city of all time – Buffalo, NY, I order “pop”, not Coke, soda or sweet tea.

And, I just call em Wings.

Secret revealed

My BFF and wife Meredith have known each other for 30 YEARS and she STILL puts up with me! My true love!

Pic of Phil Earley
Phil Earley

I am a very proud Dad of a great son and daughter who are now young adults. I can’t believe time flew by that fast.

I have a love for most anything old. The rustier and crustier, the better. I enjoy restoring and driving old cars, my beach bikes are from the 50’s, and my patio furniture was new in the 1930’s.

Cycling and fitness have become a real passion of mine along with trying to play the guitar…..which is not going very well so that dream will remain a dream I’m guessing.

Customer Service is what I am good at so helping landlords and tenants was a natural fit. I think I need to open up Platinum Beach Rentals to round out my career.

Pic of Lisa Ragsdale
Lisa Ragsdale
VP – Operations

How I Play:

Avid Patriots fan and I enjoy grilling out with friends, exercise and running. I have two children who keep me busy and on my toes. I enjoy being busy with life and the goals I have set for myself.

Secret revealed

Da bomb hot sauce. Hottest sauce you can buy before getting into extracts. I drink the stuff.

Pic of Jennifer Locklear
Jennifer Locklear
VP – Leasing

How I Play:

I play in the Sunshine. I am a Florida girl and prefer the beach over slopes. Coppertone over Hawaiian Tropic. Enjoy weekends with family and following Ronda Rousey / UFC.

Secret revealed

I only have one speed. GO!!

Pic of Tiffany Whalen Mowbray
Tiffany Whalen Mowbray
Leasing Agent, Screening Manager & Associate Broker

How I Play:

I am 1 of 8 kids in my family! My parents were foster parents, growing up I lived with over 40 kids of all different races. Born and raised in Real Estate. Grandfather opened the family KY real estate business in 1953.

Currently, I love riding four wheelers and sitting around bonfires.

Secret revealed

I played soccer in college (but I wasn't that good...I just like to brag about it :-)

Pic of Laura Birr
Laura Birr
Licensed Leasing & Sales Agent

How I Play:

My first passion are my three Huskies, Parker, Polar and Murci. Coming in at a close second is my husband... he's amazing but the dogs are number one! We enjoy spending time with our pups by taking them on long walks and for car rides in the mountains. I love to cook and bake, especially for friends and family. There is nothing better than sharing good food and good conversation with the ones you love! When I need to slow down I can be found at home or at the track watching Formula 1 and Moto GP with my hubby.

Secret revealed

My daily driver is a 400+ horsepower Volkswagen MK6 GTI. The need for speed... it's in our blood!

Pic of Jeni Granade
Jeni Granade
Licensed Leasing & Sales Agent

I have 3 teenage daughters, a wonderful husband, and 2 yellow labs that keep me busy at home! My husband and I are both Alabama graduates, and our oldest daughter is a freshman there now. So, needless to say, we say ROLL TIDE in our household. I keep busy on weekends watching my girls' cheerleading competitions and tennis matches, and traveling to Tuscaloosa to visit my oldest daughter and watch the Tide Roll. I also love to be outside. Hiking, running, and doing absolutely anything at the beach, which is my happy place.

Secret revealed

I am a thrill seeker. I have been skydiving and bungee jumping. My next bucket list adventure is a hot air balloon ride.

Pic of Dan Patton
Dan Patton
Maintenance Specialist

My wife and I have two daughters and have called Cumming home for the past 20 years.We are heavily involved in the school activities of our daughters and in our church. I am an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan and enjoy spending time outdoors.

Secret revealed

I think I am funny. You will have to be the judge!

Pic of Meredith Littleton
Meredith Littleton
Operations Specialist


Proud Mom to an Awesome daughter, she is my biggest fan and I am hers. I love anything with sun and water. The beach is my happy place, I'd like to think I'm a professional sun tanner and or boat rider. On weekends you can find me at the pool, lakeside,day tripping, or hanging with family and friends. Self proclaimed foodie, love trying new restaurants and cuisines.

Secret revealed

Obsessed with plants, I would live in a greenhouse if I got the chance!!

Pic of Tricia Crews
Tricia Crews
Administrative Specialist

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I grew up going to the beach every weekend. I went to FIU and received my BS degree in Hospitality Management. I have 2 amazing kids and one awesome dog. Every weekend you will find me working on and updating my 1950's home with a little help from my friends of course. Journey is my favorite band of all time.

Secret revealed

Color Guard was a big part of my life for over 12 years, performing and teaching. You know, the ones that spin the pretty flags on the field with the band.

Pic of Sabina Celosmanovic
Sabina Celosmanovic
Operations Specialist/Maintenance

I am the mother of two girls and grandmother of two cats Ginger and Honey. I hope you can tell I love cats. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and I take NO when it comes to food, so you have to eat at my house and take the food with you for later. I also love to travel with my family and friends and my favorite vacation place is Destin, Florida.

I have been married for 30+ years and I love being married to my husband because he is my best friend and together we are a great team and hopefully a good example to our daughters of how marriage should be LONG and HAPPY.