Client Registration Form

Platinum Property Management will maintain your reputation for excellence. You have worked hard to build your reputation and your clients trust. We provide the service and financial rewards for Realtors, without the risk.

The housing market has achieved a good level of sustainability. Many Atlanta Real Estate brokers/owners have been managing rentals, because they feel they must provide full service to their customers. Now you don't have to. We specialize exclusively in Atlanta Property Management and will provide a full-service turnkey solution.

All co-op commissions for securing the new tenant are outlined below. Commission checks are mailed to your Broker on the second week of the month following the lease start date. To qualify, your client must be personally registered, by you, using this online client registration. You must have brought your client to the home, and registered them, on the initial visit. After your client is registered in your name, he is protected as your client for the home you viewed, regardless of how many times he visits, and whether he rents this home in your presence, or not. Furthermore, you must have a Current GA Real Estate license. The terms of this discretionary program are subject to change without notice, and, Platinum is the final arbitrator of any and all issues.