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How to Handle Maintenance Issues for Your Alpharetta Rental Property

Todd Earley - Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Maintenance tends to be the number one point of contention between a landlord and a management company. If there’s going to be an issue, it will usually happen during a requested repair issue. Make sure you understand and agree with how your management company handles and performs maintenance on your behalf. Client retention is our main objective and our maintenance policies reflect that.

Providing Customer Service

We consider the tenant a customer and believe that great customer service equals longer tenancies, less wear and tear, and more profits for our landlords. Research the policies and procedures of your management company prior to hiring them. Making sure your property management company has the same mindset as you do when the phone rings is extremely important to a strong relationship.

Lack of Communication and Service

Lack of communication and service is a problem for most landlords and tenants, it’s their number one complaint. Research and verify company systems used for effective communication. Today’s online world takes more than just a cell phone to communicate with. The systems should be automated, online and with a systematic approach to be able to stay consistent with communication. Communication with companies that rely on the traditional “overwhelmed property manager” model causing one person to handle everything, everyday, 24-7 for 150 homes, 300 landlords and 300 tenants will not be consistent for anyone. It is impossible for any of us to handle that kind of volume well every moment of everyday. A functioned base How to Handle Maintenance Issues for Your Alpharetta Rental Propertycompany that has invested in a great staff, systems and policies are critical to you and your tenant’s experience.

If you have any questions about Alpharetta property management or maintenance on your Alpharetta rental property, please contact us at Platinum Property Management.