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New Owner Sign-Up Documents

Getting your property on the market is easy. The first step is to complete the necessary documents needed to begin. Here’s how to do it!

  1. Open the links below to view the documents
    1. Application Packet
  2. Complete by using your computer & fill in the appropriate information.
    (This document contains interactive form fields. Check “Highlight Fields” or “Highlight Required Fields” To help you know where information is needed) Hitting your “Tab” button will help you navigate to the next field.
  3. E-sign and submit!  
    At the end of the forms there will be a submit button to click on. When you click this button, it will send the documents to Cassie Bruce and Phil Earley, your New Clients Services contact. Reference the property address in subject line. This is  an e-signature document.
  4. We will need a photo of voided check to set up your direct deposit., Take a picture with your phone and email or scan and send via email/Fax 678-917-9136. or

Mail or deliver 3 keys of each door, remotes, amenity passes and mailbox keys, include all security codes, gate access codes, garage pad codes, etc.. We will need all keys and remotes prior to listing the home.

If you do not have keys to all doors in your home ,we will send a locksmith to rekey. This will be charged to you. We are required to give the tenant keys for each door in the home.

Pls send HOA rules regulations in pdf format

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