Move Out Instructions

You are required by your lease to provide a sixty day notice to Platinum Property Management. Please complete the online Intent to Vacate form, located in your tenant portal. You will receive an automated response confirming it was received. Once we have approved your notice to vacate, you will be contacted by a team member to install a lockbox, place sign in the yard and walk the property. The home will then be put on the market for potential applicants to view. Potential applicants must be accompanied by a licensed Realtor or Platinum team member. All Realtors have been advised to give a minimum of 24 hour notice. Please review your lease for your obligations under the lease agreement concerning our ability to show the property.

When moving out of your present residence, one of your most important considerations will undoubtedly be taking the proper steps to ensure the prompt and complete return of your security deposit. The following guidelines are intended to assist you in preparing the property for final inspection, and the refund of your security deposit.

Review your move in inspection form that was completed at the time you originally moved into the residence. As an additional consideration you are required to return the residence to its original condition, normal wear and tear expected.

You should also review the lease contract you initially signed, along with any subsequent addendums. These documents will provide additional information as to specific responsibilities. Frequently, departing residents are required to have carpeting cleaned. Other specific cleaning requirements are often identified; for example, fireplace cleaning, dependent upon use. You should ensure that all light fixtures and bulbs are operational, smoke detectors are functioning, doorstops are intact, and window coverings and screens are properly installed. In addition to those tasks noted above, the most significant effort you can take to ensure return of your security deposit is to properly clean the residence. The following checklist is intended primarily as a guide, and should not be considered absolute. The specific layout and amenities of your residence will determine the actual cleaning and preparation required.



Living Room / Dining Room / Family Room / Bedrooms / Hallways:

Carport / Garage / Patio:

Yard Care / Landscaping:

Occasionally, but infrequently, we have discovered physical damage, beyond normal wear and tear, when the property has been vacated. The cost to repair damage or abuse will be a deduction from the security deposit. If you know of a repair you're responsible for (for example, a broken door frame), you will have to arrange for a properly licensed and insured vendor to address the problem. (Most rental contracts prohibit tenants from personally performing these types of repairs to the premises, due to insurance and liability concerns.) If you have questions on this matter, please contact a Platinum Property team member.

Final inspections are scheduled and performed by Platinum Property Management after the property is completely empty of personal belongings, and once the vacating resident has completed all cleaning and preparation they intended to accomplish personally. You are not required to be present during the inspection. You will be provided a copy of the inspection report.

Rent is due through the term of your lease and may not be deducted from your security deposit. You are required to personally turn in your keys to the inspector or drop off at our office. Our office is open Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00pm.

Lastly, along with your keys, please be sure to provide us with your forwarding address, so we can mail you your security deposit refund! Please log on to your tenant portal to provide your new address, Refunds will be mailed within thirty days of the lease termination date and mailed to the last address on file.

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